Dot Theme Creator 1.5.2


Actualización que arregla un error de rutas a usuarios que no son de habla hispana, por lo que los logons y otras cosas se aplicaban es español, este parche automatiza el proceso e instala los accesos según el idioma elegido.



  1. cr3stc3nt says:

    ehmm hello mr k-rlitos…
    can u giveme the register dot theme creator.. i m so gladly if u give it. because i like your software… arigatou…
    my email is ^^

  2. banedfoil says:

    Hello, could U give me the register code; this software is COOL!

  3. banedfoil says:

    Hello, could U give me the register code; this software is COOL! this is my e-mail

  4. Read the comment before yours.

  5. cr3stc3nt says:

    thank you very much.. Im so gladly you give the key hahaha
    ehmm can i give u opinion.. can u make some themes.where there is background in the folder.. i have themes from chinese region that can make out some background..
    if u want to see it. i can share it.. but u must patch your ExplorerFrame.dll
    Arigatou ^^

  6. cr3stc3nt says:

    P.S ehmmm do you know another website in your region.. that have some anime themes for windows too?? i will share some.. like tq ^^

  7. cr3stc3nt says:

    Like thiz picture.. there is picture in background

  8. Background images involve possible security risk, but if you have another patch, please send me, maybe there are other way to edit files without involve problems.

  9. K-rlitos you are really awesome professional…..

    i’ll be waiting in the background of the explorer without involving risk…. keep up and Goodluck

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