Installing themes in Windows XP

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Install themes to change windows XP appearance, this will going to change title bar, Start Menu, User panel, Windows, etc

From your clasic Skin:




Or maybe:




To use Windows XP non signed themes, you have 2 options:

1.- UXTheme Multi-Patcher_6.0

Mirror karlitos.clMirror Mediafire

2.- With StyleXp, if you haver, use it!.

The idea it’s change Uxtheme.dll file to accept non signed themes.

Installing UXTheme patch:

What Uxtheme’s patch do? This patch changes a windows DLL. This will change an API in this file called CryptVerifySig() to return “true” always.

Download the patch.

After the presentation, clic patch, a popup will show, accept if matches with your system, if this patch fails, you can restore easy, let’s do it!

A warning dialog will show (make sure you don’t have any Windows installer Cd on your CD drive):

Wait 5 seconds and:

A protection message will show, clic on cancel, and again, will ask about confirmation:

Clic on YES, dialog will vanish, wait and Uxtheme Path will ask to reboot, clic on Ok

And after reboot, you can apply your favorite theme.


How to Install themes:

If you download a ZIP file:

Unzip in c:\windows\resources\themes.

Executable version of

New versions of needs to install into your system, download the executable file, start, and next, read licence agreement, acept it, next until finish. Remember, you need administrator account to install.

How to execute:

1.- 2 ways to execute themes:

– Go to Start menu:

– Or on Desktop right click on any clear area, a context menu will show, click on properties:


After choose any previous option, a window going to appear, select a theme, if you want to change something, navigate over tabs:

Or select other theme if you want:

Sometimes a theme could have more than 1 color, or “Style”, to show it, go to Apparency tab and Color Scheme:

Finally after change your theme, Accept!

How to apply Context Menus

Using Cm Administrator!. Just download it, install it and apply any CMF or CMR file with this application.



Q: After apply any theme, windows appears like classic style:

A: This happens when:

-Uxtheme patch is not installed or the install process fails, apply again.

-You didn’t rebooted after install UXtheme patch.

-You installed a Service pack, this restores uxtheme file, apply again UXTheme partch, if you apply again and ask restore the uxtheme file, click no and delete C:\WINDOWS\system32\uxtheme.ubk , and reboot, apply again Uxtheme patch and follow the indication.


Q: Sometimes when I apply a .theme or .msstyle file, other program appears.

A: Sometimes other programs register those extensions, so, you need to solve registering with the system again:

Download and execute this file.


Q: A “Windows NT Setup Files detected” error appears

A: when you patch any file, windows try to recover any file from install directory. But if you have it on your hard disk drive, you cannot patch, so, delete or rename the folder showed in this window, on this case c:\windows\i386

After patch, rename your windows install directory again.


Q: Microsoft Office 2007 lost the skin.

A: I don’t know……

Affected themes: Clannad Kotomi. (If you know other, please, contact me)


Q: The background or lateral of the folders doesn’t show.

Q: Go to, start menu, second click on My Computer, properties, advanced options, performance, Configuration, Best appearance, accept, accept.

Close and open any window, and fixed!:

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