September 11 attacks

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  1. Dante  Perfil
    Publicado hace 7 años #

    this day 11 years ago a big disaster This day 11 years ago many people cried, most people felt scared, hurt many people came and many people died this day many people lost lost their loved ones but that day a country forget their differences to help each other
    why I created this thread in loving memory of all the amazing people we lost that day, may no longer be with us but their desires and souls is still here so at least I will dedicate this day to them and promise to do what I can to make this disaster does not happen again even if that means giving my life because I don't want see another sad face because of an incident like that in my life

    PD for claire redfield:really sorry i can't be with you this day so important for you, so when I return I'll wait due punishment just do not be too harsh but remember your father and mother are saw you up in the sky whit their eyes full of pride for you and say "we can't have a better daughter that claire" so don't get upset and make them feel more proud than any human can feel by the way i'm sorry for no contact you this last days but The situation is getting worse but it's nothing to what I can't handle, but this is going to take me a couple of weeks more beside you can't contact me by e-mail or messenger or any contact whit me until i return and say to trish i love her

    PD of PD:by the way prepares the first aid kit and buy some bandages that I need you to change mine, don't worry i contact whit you in a week

    PD for K-rlitos user and moderators:im really sorry for use your forum like my persolan chat room but for the moment is the only way how i can contact whit my sister Please forgive me, but this doesn't mean that I don't really feel what I wrote about the September 11 attacks


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  2. xxluisgxx  Perfil
    Publicado hace 7 años #

    mi más sentido pesame , men eres grande una muy buena persona , con este hilo me quede sentimental también eres grande por compartir cosas personales .... de hecho yo no lo hago :/ ... muy interesante este hilo al igual que tu no me gusta ver personas tristes .. y pues esperar a que no ocurran desastres cómo este.

    "Mis sueños son mentiras que algún día dejaran de serlo"
  3. K (goldnight)  Perfil
    Publicado hace 7 años #

    yes, i know what you mean, i feel proud of you and the way you said the words you feel (y) great post

    ¿Por qe e de ayudar?... fácil, uno no nace sabiendo las cosas..
    Pedidos aquí
  4. claire redfield  Perfil
    Publicado hace 7 años #

    mooo nii-san you had me worried
    always do whatever you want
    please just come back in one piece ok
    and thank you for everything i'll do my best
    だすき にいさん tee hee


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