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I haven’t made much progress since the last update , because my daughter was born and my girlfriend’s pregnancy was difficult, so I spent the short time in the hospital. I have fixed php errors, since php 7 has many differences and the page crashes, there are errors that I can’t get out but progress is made.


Also the ups avast password activation code died, and I managed to get it up for a while, but I have to fix it.


On the programmatic side, I fixed the download manager of the blog, since it did not work in php 7.

Now I will integrate the forum with the blog for security reasons, I hope it works…

  1. K (goldnight) says:

    hola~, primero que nada, muchas felicidades por la niña, espero que haya nacido sana, por el otro lado, me e dado cuenta que el foro carga menos en cargar en comparación al blog, o al menos en mi caso así parece, en fin, un paso a la vez no esta mal, saludos

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