Tutorial Using Windows 10 Themes

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  1. Shiina  Perfil
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    Tutorial Using Windows 10 Themes

    Hello Guys...
    Today I want to share the tutorials how to using Windows 10 Themes.
    What be must to do ?

    1. Create Restore Points.
    I recommended for you all to Create a Retore Points for backup your system files.

    2. Intall UXStyle
    Use this tool for path 3rd Party files from Windows 10.

    3. Install StartIsBackPlus
    Use this tool for change your Start Menu like a Windows 7 Start Menu.

    4. Install OldNewExplorer
    Use this tool for replace the old files ExplorerFrame.dll

    3. Install ASW Patcher.
    Use this tool for patch Windows 10 files like a ExplorerFrame.dll

    4. Using Theme
    Before use the theme, i recommended for you all to Restart your PC after Patched.

    Please watch this video for the tutorials how to using 10 Themes


    Please be carefully for patch your Windows System Files. Because if you wrong, your Windows System Files will be damaged.

    For Windows 10 can't be show image on Personalize and PopUp Background. But if want to show image on Personalize and PopUp Background, you must be using OS Windows 10 version 1607. But if you using Windows 10 version 1607, you must download the themes for Windows 10 version 1607 only. You can't using Windows 10 Themes another version. Because if you using Windows 10 theme another version for Windows 10 version 1607, your Windows will be damaged (Black Screen).

    For Tools Download Here :
    1. Windows 10 Tools (Not for Windows 10 version 1607)

    Thanks for read my post... \(^o^)/

    Blog : http://shiina-chan.blogspot.com/
    Fanspage : https://www.facebook.com/shinachan.page/


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  2. K (goldnight)  Perfil
    Publicado hace 2 semanas #

    Hello!, time ago i had problems with both the win 8/8.1, so i change to win 10 and also return to win 7, but maybe, i'll change it again, so...
    I was windering if i can apply a theme (win 10 theme) without use the "starisback" software in win 10, or change the msstyle to use the theme with the "starisback"

    ¿Por qe e de ayudar?... fácil, uno no nace sabiendo las cosas..
    Pedidos aquí


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