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  1. claire redfield  Perfil
    Publicado hace 6 años #

    first at all let me congratulation for you forum
    is the first forum who dedicated to the creation of anime theme for windows good job

    by the way you have not thought about change your forum background i know the combination between white and gray is great but in occasions is sad in the case you decide agreed whit me the color and the style that i leave to you but i you look for a suggestion why not use the halloween as main theme and make some forum's banner according whit the holloween
    here a kawai wallpaers you can use

    at last the other day i see what you have in the forum and i see some thread so lonely and one of them wus the wallpapers thread so i think why not you make a contest of the best wallpaper and the winner give a especial award that make who many users participate in the forum activity

    at last thing of the last thing tee-hee :3
    to make the long story short why no open a little spot were the user can talk, upload, an make surveys about them favotite anime of course of the bast anime for the begin like one piece, black rock shooter, full metal alchemist,hellsing etc...

    well that is all, if you like some of my suggestins or not ;p
    just let my know but don't keep me waiting for a long tee-hee


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    3. happy_holloween_2.jpg (396.9 KB, 20 downloads) 6 años old
    4. happy_holloween_1.jpg (382.5 KB, 24 downloads) 6 años old
  2. krlitos  Perfil
    El mas pulentoso
    Publicado hace 6 años #

    A background like the blog?

  3. claire redfield  Perfil
    Publicado hace 6 años #

    you take your time :3 tee-hee

    exactly, but not only the sides, i mean a background like the english blog you have
    but this is not about what i want, this is about what you can do

    so you do your best

    and again, nice place you have ;)

  4. K (goldnight)  Perfil
    Publicado hace 6 años #

    it sounds good, by the way, amazing wallpapers see later claire-san

    ¿Por qe e de ayudar?... fácil, uno no nace sabiendo las cosas..
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